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PinkH2 is a hydrogen technology and a hydrogen fuel supply company. We have developed a breakthrough H2 (hydrogen) production technology called Resonant Control Electrolysis (RCE) which can produce H2 at very low energy costs which leads to very low H2 production costs. This enables the production of hydrogen anywhere that there is a source of water, and this hydrogen can then be used to produce electricity or to provide fuel for transport.


Electricity generation

PinkH2 can generate electricity with an RCE unit installed adjacent to a 100% H2 capable genset which are available from the likes of Caterpillar, Jenbacher and Behydro. Most other genset suppliers will shortly be launching 100% H2 ready gensets. The only feedstock required to produce electricity is water, however in future we will be developing technology that will recycle the feedstock water. The LCoE (Levelised Cost of Electricity) is very competitive compared to other baseload electricity generators such as coal or gas, but of course the electricity we generate is Zero Carbon. Every kWh of electricity we generate means that one less kWh of fossil fuel generated electricity, meaning we are not carbon neutral, but in fact we are carbon negative. Our LCoE has a significantly lower cost when compared to the costs of solar and wind energy plus 4 hours battery storage


Reducing electricity power losses

PinkH2’s RCE technology enables a rethink on how electricity is distributed, it will no longer be necessary for power generation to be centralized. Long distance transmission of electricity incurs significant power losses, and up to 15% of the electricity generated does not reach the end user.

PinkH2 technologies can generate zero carbon electricity at local sub-stations and the power can then be  distributed through the existing local grid, without disruption to the customers. New housing can be built including localized electricity generation and it can be distributed to individual houses via a micro-grid. The same can be applied to industrial electricity generation, one PinkH2 RCE facility fueling an H2 genset which can supply the entire industrial park.

H2 Transport Fuel

PinkH2's RCE technology can be installed onsite at existing fuel stations as it has a relatively small footprint. The H2 is produced onsite using a feedstock of water and is compressed and dispensed using technology from suppliers such as Linde and others. The projected retail price of H2 per kg will enable truck fleet owners to save over 50% on their fuel costs.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

PinkH2 has Intellectual Property on production methodology to produce SAF using CO2 and H2 as feedstocks. CO2 is sourced from Direct Air Capture or Carbon Capture & Usage from Waste to Energy plants or from Cement plants.

PinkH2 SAF can be produced onsite at airports using Direct Air Capture, or produced onsite at cement plants and/or waste to energy plants and be delivered to airports.

Todays SAF prices are typically 3 to 4 times higher than Jet fuel prices. PinkH2 SAF price to airlines is projected to be at parity with Jet Fuel prices. Contact us to discuss your future plans for SAF supply.

Zero Carbon Steel Production

Zero Carbon Steel at significantly lower production costs with PinkH2's low cost hydrogen becomes a reality. Hydrogen can be supplied to existing steel production facilities which can be retrofitted for H2. Alternatively, our Intellectual Property on flash steel methodology is under development, promising very low energy costs and low capex costs.

Contact us to discuss your future zero-carbon steel production plans.

Reduced Carbon Cement

Cement production emits CO from two sources, the first is CO2 from the fuel and the second is from the reduction of calcium carbonate to clinker. PinkH2 has IP on a methodology to eliminate the CO2 from fuel consumed. Furthermore, our method will reduce the retrofit costs of CO2 capture and we have alternative methods of using the captured CO2 to produce SAF onsite, which can be easily transported for sales.


PinkH2 is an SME in the UK with plans to become hydrogen fuel supplier, as well as being a supplier of Resonant Control Electrolysis technology. We have subsidiaries in the USA and in Africa, with plans to extend our network throughout the world.

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